Little red and green apples All members are welcome to sit in on our committee meetings. the date of the next meeting will be 7.30pm Tuesday May 20th at the Derby Arms, Witherslack.

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Little red and green applesSLOG members can get discounts from Beetham Nurseries (5% off all products), and RV Roger (10% off fruit trees and bushes). Please have your membership card and number ready to quote before your sale goes through the till

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SLOG - The South Lakeland Orchard Group

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What a Great Year for Damson and Plum Blossom!

It's a good year for Jill's plum and damson tree blossom. she says:

"The greengage is best we've had so I'm hopeful of a good crop as it is really tasty.

Also some of my new trees which I have grown from suckers and must be about 7 or 8 years old are flowering for the first time."


Outlook for 2014's Fruit Crop

Despite the wonderful blossom on the stone fruit trees, what are the prospects for our fruit crop this year?

One of the critical factors is winter chill. Apple trees need about 1,000 hours at between 0-7°C (32-43°F) of winter chill to ensure adequate fruit set. We probably did not get that in this year's mild winter, so what will be the impact on fruit set? Apple blossom

Flower bud quality and particularly pollen strength is weaker where trees were not fully dormant and instead drew on their energy reserves. The pollen tube must reach the ovary within 12 hours to fertilise the apple. If the temperature is too low at flowering and/or it runs out of nitrogen nutrient, it will fail.

Commercial growers are planning to address this issue by applying foliar fertiliser sprays just before blossom because nutrient uptake from the roots is still slow in early spring. You may wish to consider a seaweed foliar spray to see if it helps.

Some pictures from our grafting events in March


SLOG's Spring Newsletter

Andy has one again put together the must-read for all who are interested in apples, orchards and other fruit. This time he talks about our rainfall, honey fungus, field voles and he reviews Alant, a heritage apple variety. Plus, much more.

If you are a member, you will have received a copy by email, or you can download it here.


The Apples and Orchards of Cumbria

Our chairman, Andy Gilchrist has written a book about the apple varieties and orchards of Cumbria. It is now on sale, for £9.00 + P&P and can also be ordered direct from Andy by contacting him on